Contemplative Garden Concept Design

State University of New York, New Paltz

SUNY New Paltz requested a site design for a contemplative garden “at which members of the New Paltz community could take time to reflect on the course of the history of the institution and the surrounding area.” Three resident groups were identified as contributing to that history, Munsee indigenous people; the Huguenots and their descendants; and the Africans enslaved by local Europeans during the slave era. Chroma proposed a three-pronged plaza form in honor of each group and enhancements for the waterfront garden that will engage surrounding views while quietly respecting the historic peoples and providing a restful atmosphere for contemplation.

Project Role: Subconsultant to E3 P&D
Project Size: 10,000 SF
Project Cost: $500 K
Completion: Est. 2021
Owner: SUNY New Paltz

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