‘Sunrise’ by Bill King, Mid-America Center Arrival Court
Council Bliffs, IA

Iowa landscape architecture firm

‘Big Mo’ by Mark di Suvero, River’s Edge Park
Council Bluffs, IA

From the intersection of place, purpose, and perspective, Chroma helps clients create inspired place-based community activators. Serving a diverse wealth of clients and markets across the U.S., since 2006 Chroma has provided planning, design, site amenity, and project coordination services to owners, architects, engineers, contractors, and stakeholders over a broad spectrum of commissions.

Seeking to understand and articulate each assignment’s unique aspirations, Chroma identifies and illuminates driving influences like context, character, function, ambition, and constraint to compel inspired placemaking. Committed to hands-on principal leadership in every phase of project development, Chroma maintains vital continuity from concept to completion to assure that what is envisioned is realized.

‘Big Mo’ by Mark di Suvero, River’s Edge Park
Council Bluffs, IA

South Crater Road Gateway
Prince George County, VA

Big ideas are contagious. Experientially activating the public realm results from cohesive collaboration among a community of interests including investors and users, nature, and man. Providing a pragmatic approach and a full suite of site aesthetic services, Chroma magnifies project dynamics to reveal community character in captivating color.

“Placemaking often requires a unique ability to harmonize diverging interests over long-duration projects. Chroma has been vital to numerous large-scale community enhancements in both Council Bluffs, IA, and Southside, VA, by building meaningful stakeholder relationships and pushing toward successful implementation.”

– J. Todd Graham, President
The Cameron Foundation

Stapleton Northfields Blvd. Bridge Aesthetics, engineering lead by Matrix Design Group,
Denver, CO

Celebrate the Specialness of Place

Chroma seeks to digest and artfully articulate the specialness of place across a wide range of project types for a diverse collection of owners and interests. We apply decades of experience in planning, design, and long-term landscape and resource management to owner ambitions, community context, and project parameters to create places that impart a strong sense of destination and compel engagement.

“There is a hierarchy of components in placemaking, which determines how a site is experienced. Animating places with public art and other strategic amenities is where Chroma helps us take our landscape architecture and site planning services from special to exceptional.”

– Jere Tatich, Principal
Elan Landscape Architecture

Iowa landscape architecture firm

‘Molecule Man’ by Jonathyn Borofsky, Mid-America Center,
Council Bluffs, IA

Virginia Landscape Architecture Firm

‘Return’ by Ralph Helmick, W. Randolph Rd. Gateway
Hopewell, VA

From macro to micro, campus creation to garden design, Chroma applies proven processes to amplify community character and celebrate purpose. Chroma’s site planning and design services range from master planning and design for city-scale streetscape revitalizations to civic landscape architecture animating the public realm. Community gateways over transit corridors welcome; parks and greenspaces entice interaction; plazas and courtyards beckon and captivate. From public art to enhanced bridge aesthetics, wayfinding, interpretive components, and more, Chroma puts the pieces of place in place.

Whatever the ambition, whatever the challenge, Chroma welcomes the chance to explore the specialness and possibilities of place with clients looking for more than a landscape regardless of scale.

Avenue G Streetscape
Council Bluffs, IA

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